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If your pipes look like this


What exactly is coming out of your faucet?

 Why consider repiping?

    Although a plumbing system could fail at any time, failure is often a long, gradual process which could cost homeowners thousands of dollars in property damage. And while different set-ups can fail for different reasons Defective and outdated plumbing system could be a major nuisance and a cause of many expensive repairs if not replaced on time. There are a few signs that indicate that a home should be repiped

  • Reduced water pressure throughout the whole house or at some plumbing fixtures.
  • Signs of corrosion and leaks around joints
  • House equipped with Galvanized or Polybutylene systems over 30 years old.
  Some interesting facts about Polybutylene:
1.Homes with polybutylene plumbing sell for less

       2.Homes with polybutylene plumbing take longer to sell.

       3.Homes with polybutylene plumbing will decrease in value over time compared to those with copper plumbing.

4.Insurance premiums could increase or insurance companies could limit coverage in homes with polybutylene leak claims.

Protect your new plumbing fixtures from clogs and avoid emergencies due to pipe bursts and call for your estimate today!