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Toilet repair and installation

A really nice toilet.

Whether it is a small repair or an installation, we have a full range of services to address any issues you may have with your toilet.

Toilets go through many cycles every day and although they have few moving parts many of those components are inside of the tank and constantly exposed to water. It is common for seals to deteriorate and bolts to corrode causing slow leaks to develop which worsen over time. When a problem is solved early on it is not only quicker to repair but also less expensive.

At Everest Plumbing keeping an eye on your plumbing system is our top priority and a full-time responsibility. Don’t wait until you find water leaking on the floor. If you hear a sound of running water on occasion or you notice signs of rust around the outside of your toilet, it is probably time to have it inspected by one of our highly skilled and professionally trained technicians.

Kitchen and bathroom faucets

Beautiful new faucets.

It’s your day off, and you finally find a few minutes to lay down and relax. Then you hear it--the dripping of the kitchen faucet. You would rather rest, but every drop is money down the drain. (You thought the water bill was a bit high last month.) It is definitely time to do something about.

Dripping faucets can be caused by normal wear and tear, a defective part, or excessive water pressure which could affect other fixtures in your home. Have a dripping faucet? This is the time to let our team of expert plumbers in Greenville, SC help you find the optimal solution so you can go back to your daily routine – trouble-free.

Garbage Disposals

Food Disposal Unit.

Is your garbage disposal making horrific sounds? Is it beginning to have some rust build-up? Maybe it is time to think about servicing or replacing it.

A poorly performing or non-functioning garbage disposal can be easily overlooked, but waiting until there is excessive corrosion and rust build-up can be costly and potentially dangerous as water leaks can develop and damage the internal components which are located directly above the electrical connections.

To keep your garbage disposal running problem-free for as long as possible, here are some DOs and DON’Ts:

  • DO clean on regular basis with baking soda and vinegar – Pour approximately ½ cup for baking soda and approximately 1 cup of vinegar into your disposal. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and rinse with hot water.
  • DO NOT dispose of egg shells – contrary to a popular belief that egg shells are great to clean your disposal, they can damage your plumbing system down the line. The baking soda and vinegar cleaning method is definitely far better and much safer for your drain.
  • DO dispose of your larger leftovers in your trash, then rinse your plate over your disposer. Although the motor is powerful enough to grind a lot, it is common for certain foods to get pushed through before they are ground thoroughly.

When all else fails our team of professionally trained plumbers can replace or repair your garbage disposal. Our straightforward pricing and industry-leading guarantees make it easier than ever to check plumbing projects off your list.

Whole house plumbing inspections

Technician inspecting plumbing.

For many years, we have been spreading awareness of the importance of being proactive instead of reactive with plumbing. Our plumbing inspections have been highly effective in saving our customers money and preventing property damage.

Most serious plumbing issues can be prevented and easily repaired if caught early on. For example, the development of a pinhole leak can be spotted during an inspection and it can be fixed fairly inexpensively. When not addressed on time it can cause thousands of dollars in property damage.

Slow, hard to spot leaks can also pose a health risk. New mold usually starts to form within 24-48 hours after moisture is continuously introduced to a porous surface. Mold can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Key benefits of inspecting your plumbing system once a year:

  • The opportunity to address potentially dangerous conditions such as excessive water pressure (which can cause premature pipe and fixture failure) before they become disastrous and expensive.
  • The assurance that your home is up to code with no violations.
  • The peace of mind that everything is working properly.

High Pressure

"We have great pressure!"

Believe it or not, high water pressure is anything but great. From bursting pipes to worn out toilet fill valves, dripping faucets to ruptured water heaters, high water pressure causes a variety of plumbing problems to develop prematurely. Greenville SC is growing rapidly, and in order to meet the higher demands for water in outlying areas, municipalities pump water at higher and higher pressures. To avoid damage from overly high pressure, every house should have a pressure regulating valve, or PRV, to ensure the water pressure is at a safe level for the plumbing in your house.

What is a PRV and how does it work?

A PRV reduces and regulates the water pressure coming into your home. There are two types of water pressure reducing valves—direct-acting and pilot-operated. Direct-acting valves are the most popular water pressure reducing valves and consist of globe-type bodies with a spring-loaded, heat-resistant diaphragm connected to the outlet of the valve that acts upon a spring. This spring holds a pre-set tension on the valve seat and is installed with a pressure equalizing mechanism for precise water pressure control.

Sixty pounds per square inch (60 PSI) is the ideal pressure; however pressure over eighty pounds per square in (80 PSI) can become a problem. Water heater manufacturers warn that pressure exceeding 80 PSI can cause premature wear and tear to your tank. Consistent problems with your plumbing system and unusual noises may be a sign of unusually high pressure.

Our highly skilled and professionally trained technicians can help you determine what is the best way to address and resolve your issue. Schedule your appointment today and find out how we can help you.

Drain Services

Often hidden in walls, ceilings, crawl spaces or in the slab, the plumbing drain in your home is generally one of the most frequently overlooked parts of your plumbing system. When properly installed and maintained, it can provide years of trouble-service. When neglected, it can potentially be one of the most expensive things to repair in your home.

What are the most typical drain issues and how can they be resolved?

  • Waste build-up - The most common cause of drain clogs and can be typically caused by foreign objects which are not supposed to be flushed, rinsed or otherwise disposed of in your plumbing drain.
  • Improper installation – While there are certain standards which have to be observed when a plumbing system is designed and installed, mistakes are common and can result in frequent and reoccurring issues.
  • Normal wear and tear – Nothing lasts forever. As well as your drains might have been installed, the materials used will eventually exceed their life expectancy and will need to be replaced.
  • Developing the habit of performing routine maintenance on your plumbing system can save you a lot of money and the time missed from work caused by dealing with plumbing emergencies. The most important part of maintenance is prevention. Many manufacturers of typical house cleaning and feminine products will label them as flushable. The common saying “Don’t believe everything you read” applies 100% in this case. Be vigilant of what goes down your drain. Often products, like the above mentioned, can not only block the drain of the fixture they were disposed in but also the main pipe which services your entire house. Cooking grease will often flow easily through your kitchen sink when rinsed with hot water. When cooled down, it can accumulate in areas with insufficient slope causing other particles to build up in the same area.

Sometimes, despite all efforts, drain issues can develop, and they need to be resolved in a timely manner.

We offer the following drain services:

Cable Drain Cleaning

Cable drain cleaning image.

The most cost-efficient way to have most clogs cleared is with a standard cable drain cleaning machine. Designed to penetrate right through obstructions it restores flow and allows water to flush out the remaining of the particles in your drain. Although fairly efficient, it can take more than one procedure before any (and if any) improvements are achieved. If the clog is caused by cooking grease, the cable will go right through without any resolution. In other cases, it will make a small enough opening for water to pass through but there will be still particles attached to the pipe walls, making it easier for future clogs to develop.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro-Jet drain cleaning.

Unlike cable drain cleaning machines, hydro jets are designed to both open and clean your drains. This method not only delivers a higher success rate than the cable drain cleaning but also it has longer-lasting results. You can count on a longer after-service warranty giving you the peace of mind that you don’t have to be stuck in the same situation anytime soon.

If your drain lines are not concealed and can be readily inspected, we will look for the cause of clogs – excessive build up, normal wear and tear and improper installation. Further recommendations are often given to educate our customers about their plumbing systems and how issues be prevented before they occur.