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Altitude Club

Why do you need plumbing security for your home?

Most people consider their plumbing system as something that only needs attention when it malfunctions. The problem is that when it does malfunction, many other things can be affected by it. Sheetrock and wood absorb water so quickly that it only takes a short period of time before you have a costly remodeling project on your hands, all because of an unnoticed leak.

The Altitude Club is a private, membership-service club exclusive to our clients which provides plumbing security for your home.

The Altitude Club is for our clients who want to protect their homes from the unexpected. They know that a small plumbing issue discovered sooner rather than later is significantly cheaper to service. They prefer having the peace of mind of knowing that undiscovered leaks and improperly maintained fixtures and appliances are not causing damage to their homes. Ask about our Altitude Club today!

Is joining the ALTITUDE CLUB PROGRAM right for your home?

What are the benefits of our Altitude Club program?

  • Same day service – While many companies can charge emergency fees to come out on the same day, your membership guarantees you same day service, when needed.
  • Free annual inspections – Valued at $145, our members enjoy a free inspection, once every year. This is a unique opportunity to check your entire plumbing system for functionality and possible developing issues.
  • Discount on repairs and services – Never pay full price again! Your membership grants you a permanent discount of up to 15% on most of our services!
  • Service guarantee – If a problem should arise within the specified period, we will return to your home and make it right at no additional cost to you.
  • Reduced service fee – Save with reduced service fees. As a member of our club program, you’ll never pay extra.

Here’s what statistics reveal about water damage:

What happens when water wanders off from where it is usually supposed to flow?

  • Almost 40 percent of all homeowners have said they've experienced loss from water damage.
  • About 93 percent of all water damage can be prevented.
  • Water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States.
  • About 20 percent of all insurance claims are related to water damage of some kind.
  • Billions of dollars in property losses are spent each year as a direct result of water damages.
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