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A Homeowner’s Guide to Drain Cleaning

How to Clear a Drain, from Do-It-Yourself to Professional Methods

A clogged drain can ruin a whole day’s plans. They can usually be taken care of reasonably quickly with patience and elbow grease, but sometimes a clog is so stubborn that it needs to be assessed by a professional plumber or technician. The internetwork popularizes not all methods, but these methods have worked to unclog innumerable drains.

Drain Clearing at Home: Popular DIY Methods

DIY drain cleaning may be one of the most accessible forms of amateur plumbing. Homeowners can often do this safely and effectively without a professional. Below are a few of the methods that have been shown to open a clogged or slow-moving drain:

  • Waiting: Sometimes, all a clog needs is time. Water is the universal solvent and tends to break down most things if left for some time. Sometimes stepping back and leaving it for a few minutes helps get things moving again.
  • The Hot Water Method: If waiting isn’t working, heating water to a boiling point and pouring it down the drain can speed up the process. This method works well if there is not a lot of standing water to absorb the heat.
  • The Baking Soda/Vinegar Method: A bubbling chemical reaction happens when baking soda and vinegar are combined.  This can be used as a gentle chemical drain opener (do not use chemical drain openers from the store) if the drain is filled with baking soda and vinegar is poured on top. The reaction helps clean and remove the clog.
  • The Hand-held Pipe Snake Method:  A hand crank pipe auger is a relatively inexpensive tool that uses a spring-like head on a cable that can be rotated down into a drain to break up the clog physically. This tool works well for sinks, tubs, and other indoor clogs.

Snaking or Pipe Augering

This may seem redundant, but a plumber’s snake is a completely different tool than the small handheld drill that was just discussed. For starters, these should only be handled by a professional. The professional drain snake is powered by a motor and uses a heavier and longer cable. It also has various heads that a plumber can use. The rotating motion is still the same, but the heads can effectively break up larger clogs and clear the main drain pipe.

  • Benefits of Snaking: Effective, no chemical damage to pipes, versatile
  • Negatives of Snaking: It can cause scratching that can weaken pipes.

Using Water To Fight Clogs: Hydro Jetting

Another highly effective way for professionals to destroy clogs is hydro jetting. Hydro jetting uses a stream of water at a high pressure to break up the clog. The tool is essentially a rubber or silicone balloon with a high-pressure nozzle that fills up the pipe to prevent backflow and uses the pipes to create pressure and shoot water at the clog. This is perhaps the least damaging of clog removal methods.

  • Benefits of Hydro Jetting: Effective, no chemical or scratching damage to pipes
  • Negatives of Hydro Jetting:  If a pipe is already weak, the water pressure may cause a break. It may not be as effective against clogs caused by invading roots.

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