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Dangers of DIY Plumbing Repairs

Reasons Homeowners Should Avoid DIY Plumbing Projects

In the current economy, homeowners are looking to cut costs. This often means taking control of home improvement projects so they don’t have to pay professionals to do things they can figure out. Whether those projects include carpentry or repainting rooms, motivated homeowners try their best.

One realm in which homeowners should never attempt DIY repairs is in their home’s plumbing. Codes and laws protect plumbing because it’s a complicated system that has to perform 100% of the time for many years. Instead of taking the risk of making something worse, homeowners should always hire professional, licensed help. Here are some reasons why DIY plumbing projects are almost always a bad idea.

DIYers Misdiagnose Problems

The plumbing in a home is complicated even during construction before the walls go up and finishes are installed. How much more intimidating can it be for those that aren’t in the construction industry and can’t see through walls to understand the plumbing system’s makeup? The complicated nature of a home’s plumbing is one of the biggest reasons DIY plumbers misdiagnose their problems.

Homeowners misdiagnosing a problem may not be a big issue if the plumbing problem is small, like a small leak. However, water service will need to be turned off to repair most plumbing problems. As long as the water is off, a home’s occupants don’t have access to it. This makes quick diagnosis and repair of the plumbing problems critical to running the home smoothly. Instead of taking the chance of not fixing the right problem, rely on a professional plumber’s tools and training to diagnose and repair the problem more accurately.


DIY Projects Take Longer

Regardless of the type, DIY projects all have one thing in common: multiple trips to the hardware store. At the best of times, DIY projects don’t go as planned. How much more time can be wasted traveling to and from the hardware store when homeowners work on plumbing systems that they aren’t familiar with?

To compound the amount of wasted time, homeowners need to consider that their lack of knowledge will prevent them from completing a job promptly. Whether homeowners are switching back and forth between work and YouTube videos or just taking an extra few minutes to understand the problem, these are precious moments that could be better spent doing something more productive. Instead of wasting time due to inexperience, hiring a professional plumber can restore water service in much less time than a novice DIY plumber.


DIY Plumbing Costs More

Between misdiagnosis and wasted time, a homeowner can end up “paying” a lot more for a plumbing repair. But the highest cost of DIY plumbing is the risk homeowners take. A plumber with a license can use their experience to prevent complications from their work. They also carry special insurance to protect themselves and their customers in the event of a problem.

Homeowners have no such protection since their insurance doesn’t cover repairs made by an unlicensed individual. Instead of risking property damage to save a few bucks, in the end, it is almost always cheaper to hire a professional first.

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