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Help! Why is the Water Pressure Low?

Common Causes of Water Pressure Problems

Of all the things that can go wrong with a plumbing system, there is no problem that is fun to have. Dealing with low water pressure is more of a hassle than having something like a leaky faucet. Low water pressure can take a shower from a relaxing ritual to a frustrating fiasco. It can affect certain fixtures or plague the whole house.

Don’t put up with low water pressure. Fixing low water pressure is as simple as recognizing the problem, identifying the source, and dealing with it. Here is a quick list of places to look supplied by local plumbers.

Numerous Leaks

Pressure can be a hard concept to think about without a good analogy. Water pressure is similar to the pressure inside of a balloon. When a leak occurs, pressure is allowed to leak. The balloon shrinks as a direct result of the loss of pressure. The same idea applies to a plumbing system, except that the piping is rigid and won’t shrink. So, where does the pressure go?

Water pressure is the result of pressure built up within the system. When it is allowed to leak out, pressure drops across the entire system. Each leak is not only wasting water. It is robbing the family of water pressure. When numerous leaks are allowed to form, more and more pressure is lost. Pressure won’t be restored until the leaks are fixed, and damaged sections of piping are replaced.

Buildup and Pipe Clogs

Sometimes low water pressure is confined to a single bathroom or even an individual fixture. When this occurs, it is helpful to look for clogs occurring near where the water exits the fixture. Most fixtures have devices called “aerators.“ These are designed to allow users to use less water without sacrificing the effectiveness of the water. They are often a fine screen that breaks up the water flow. However, they can also catch debris in the water and cause pressure loss.

Debris in water is typically the result of mineral buildup or pipe clogs resulting from corrosion. Scale can be dealt with by installing a water softener, while corrosion is usually the result of outdated metal piping. Repiping sections might be the best option, but a qualified professional can determine the best course of action.

Closed Valves or Problems in Fixtures

One of the main components of any successful plumbing system is a valve. Valves are located everywhere in a plumbing system to control flow and make repairs more convenient. Over time, valves have a nasty habit of breaking loose and working themselves closed. This causes a distinct loss of water pressure that can be hard to track down. Additionally, valves within fixtures can fail with the same symptoms, like a faucet handle that breaks and won’t allow the full flow of water.

Plumbing maintenance can help prevent problems resulting from closed valves or faulty fixtures. Yearly maintenance practices recommend opening and closing each valve in a home about once per year. This prevents scale from building up on the valve seats and allows plumbers to check that every valve is open.

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