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Pamper Yourself This Valentine’s Day with The Following Self-Care Tips

Turn the Bathroom Into an Oasis for a Romantic Spa Day

The bathroom can be an oasis from the rest of the world. Some upgrades can transform the bathroom into a personal spa for a relaxing spa day at home. Couples and singles alike can discover the soothing power of baths and showers.

Decorating a bathroom can only do so much to transform it, but upgrading the shower to a new relaxing rain shower can turn an ordinary bathroom into a tropical jungle. Adding colored lights to the battery can tune up the ambiance even more.

Another excellent idea for transforming a bathroom is by getting a waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker for playing music. Here are a few bathroom remodeling ideas for transforming a bathroom into an oasis.

Baths Have Proven Benefits 

It has been proven that people who take frequent baths are less stressed, sleep better, and have lower blood pressure. Taking baths is a therapeutic experience because hot water helps the muscles relax and improves circulation.

The relaxing power of a bath or shower helps many people get tired, allowing them to have a more restful night of sleep after bathing. For those who struggle to fall asleep, taking a bath may be a solution that helps. Turn the lights down low and play some music for the most relaxing experience.

Another way to add to the experience is using Epsom salts and aromatherapy oils. Epsom salts help muscles to release tension. Aromatherapy has proven therapeutic effects. Lavender is one calming scent that is shown to relieve stress.

Benefits of Chromatherapy 

Chromatherapy is the term used to describe how different colors affect the brain. Blue and purple are cool, calming colors. Red and orange are bright, warm colors.

LED lights are an affordable and long-lasting option for the bathroom. They also come in every single color of the rainbow, so there are plenty of options.

Relaxing Rain Shower Installation 

A relaxing rain shower installation might be the answer for homeowners who want to go the extra mile to turn their bathroom into heaven on Earth. Any homeowner considering a shower replacement should think about getting a rain shower.

Rain showers come with many high-tech functions, including built-in LED lights. Some even come with waterproof speakers built-in too. Rain showers are a luxury bath installation that is a beautiful upgrade for any bathroom.

A spa tub installation might be better for homeowners who prefer a bath over a shower. Spa tubs have usually had jets on the inside to help relax the muscles. They may also have built-in lights and speakers.

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