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Prep Your Boiler for Another Long Winter

Be Ready for Cold Weather By Having the Boiler Serviced

Most people are familiar with furnaces and air handlers, but a boiler system heats some homes and businesses. For homeowners with a boiler, it’s important to understand some of the most common boiler problems, recognize signs the boiler needs repair, and maintain it to keep it running efficiently.

A boiler, just like any furnace or heating system, must be reliable throughout the winter. The most inconvenient time for the boiler to break down is in the middle of winter, right when homeowners depend on it most to keep their home comfortable and protect pipes from bursting. And because boilers are somewhat less common than other heating systems, it can be difficult to find a heating contractor with the knowledge and skills to repair it.

This is why it’s important to have the boiler serviced in the fall before it needs to be heavily used. This allows ample time for any needed repairs and will keep the unit functioning properly all season long.

Most Common Boiler Problems

Boilers work by burning fuel (usually propane or natural gas in residential homes) to boil water. The hot water evaporates into steam, which then heats the home through radiators. As with any heating system or appliance, sometimes things go wrong.

Here are some of the most common boiler system problems:

  • Frozen condensate pipe: The condensate pipe diverts the condensation created when cold water heats to an external drain. Sometimes this pipe can freeze, creating a g blockage.
  • Leaky pressure relief valve: A pressure relief valve is required to prevent too much pressure from building up in the boiler, but if there is a leak around the valve, the pressure in the system may be too high.
  • Worn pump seal: Rubber seals inside the pump can warp or crack as they age. When those seals no longer fit properly, water can leak out of the boiler, causing pressure issues and rust.
  • Air lock: As water heats, it can create vapor. When this vapor rises up and becomes trapped in the heating system, it may block water flow, which will cause the radiators to feel cold.
  • Broken thermostat: If the thermostat is malfunctioning, the boiler won’t reliably turn on to heat the home when it’s supposed to, or it may run too often.

5 Signs a Boiler Needs Repair

To avert a major breakdown, homeowners must first recognize the signs that their boiler needs repair.

Here are five:

  1. Unusual sounds: Such as hissing, thumping, or screeching
  2. Leaks: Water leaks outside the unit
  3. Not warming properly: Cold spots in the home or cold radiators
  4. Low pressure: The ideal is between 1.5 and 2 bar
  5. High fuel bills: Spikes in the fuel bill mean the boiler is not running efficiently

If the boiler shows any of these symptoms, homeowners should contact a licensed HVAC technician for a diagnosis and repair before anything too dangerous can occur.

Tips To Keep a Boiler Running Efficiently

Boilers are fairly low maintenance. Nevertheless, homeowners can take some maintenance measures to keep their boiler operating at peak efficiency.

First, run the heater regularly. Turning the boiler on for about 15 minutes every month, even during summer, will keep everything moving through the unit as it should. They should also keep an eye on the pressure gauge to ensure it doesn’t need to be re-pressurized.

Once a year, preferably before winter, they should bleed their radiators to remove any air blockages. Radiators and the boiler should also be kept clean and free of clutter.

Schedule an annual boiler tune-up to ensure all the internal parts are clean and operating properly and prevent any major breakdowns in the future. Boiler systems can be delicate, so it’s best to leave most maintenance and repairs to a professional with the skills and experience to handle them.

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