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Preventing the Dreaded Toilet Clog

These 3 Tips Lead to Less Frequent Toilet Clogs

No one wants to flush the toilet only to have the water in the bowl rise instead of going down. When a toilet becomes frequently clogged, it becomes even more annoying and possibly hazardous. If one or more of the toilets in a home is a chronic clogger, then a homeowner may need to look at the habits of the household to make a change. This article will discuss three ways to keep toilets flushing as they should.

Mind the Flush: Being Careful About What Goes into the Commode

Clogs can often occur due to something other than toilet paper being regularly flushed down the toilet. One of the easiest ways to prevent clogged toilets is to only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Even products labeled flushable are not good for the plumbing and can still cause clogs. Avoid flushing any of the following things down the toilet:

  • Tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Wet wipes (even “flushable” ones)
  • Makeup removal wipes
  • Cotton balls and rounds
  • Cotton swabs

Toilet Paper Usage

Another simple way to prevent clogged toilets is to minimize toilet paper usage. Too much toilet paper being flushed at once is one of the most common reasons for clogged toilets.

Though toilet paper does dissolve relatively quickly in water, it can cause significant hangups directly following use. If there is a need to use extra toilet paper, a person should use multiple flushes during the process to keep the line clear and clog-free.

The Sewer Line Clog and Professional Intervention

While most adults can unclog a toilet and have probably done so several times in their lives, the good old trusty plunger cannot solve every clog.  Toilets can also clog due to clogs in the sewer line. A sewer line clog requires the experience, training, and tools only a professional can provide. Plumbers can take care of and even help prevent these clogs through several methods, including snaking, hydro jetting, and preventative maintenance.

  • Drain Snaking: This method uses a pipe auger (often called a drain snake due to its long flexible cable) to go into the pipe and break up the sewer line clog with the spinning head of the device. The head can either break up the clog or grab onto it and remove it.
  • Hydro Jetting: This method uses water in a high-pressure stream to break up the sewer line clog. This method is very effective and can also be used as a preventative measure.
  • Preventative Maintenance: If a homeowner has regular inspections and their home’s lines are regularly cleaned or flushed, they will be much less likely to get clogs. Prevention is always the best way to deal with potential plumbing issues.

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