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The Importance of Water Softeners

What is Hard Water?

Most homeowners have heard of hard water and soft water before; however, some may be unsure of what hard water and soft water are. Despite 85% of Americans having a hard water issue, some are still in the dark about what hard water is and why having soft water is so beneficial.

Hard water occurs when the water has a significant amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium after percolating through limestone, chalk, or gypsum deposits. The higher the level of these minerals, the harder the water becomes.

What is a Water Softener?

As the name suggests, a water softener is a filtration unit that can help soften hard water, thanks to an ion exchange process that substitutes the minerals for sodium. Usually installed near the water heater, a water softener works by removing the high mineral concentrations of calcium and magnesium.

As water flows through the water softener, the unit filters out these minerals with the assistance of resin beads. The resin beads attract the minerals, preventing them from progressing through the water as it’s released back through the plumbing and thus into the house. The result is a home that is free of hard water and has the benefits of soft water.

Hard Water Signs

Several signs can signify hard water being present in the home. Hard water is usually safe to drink but has many adverse effects. For example, hard water can cause dry skin and hair. Homeowners that notice that their skin or hair is too dry may want to check to see if hard water is the culprit.

Another sign to look out for is a filmy feeling on the hands after washing them. Hard water may also be present if the water heater sustains sudden damages, there are spots on glasses after washing dishes, bathroom fixtures have stains or deposits, or clothes become faded after being washed. The last sign of hard water is higher energy bills caused by scale buildup in the pipes that narrow the opening through which water flows.

Whole-Home Water Softener Benefits

There are many benefits of having a whole home water softener installed. Not only will having a water softener benefit the hair and skin of homeowners, but it will also save money by preventing the premature replacement of things like the water heater tank and plumbing pipes.

Water softeners can also aid in getting dishes cleaner, clothes lasting longer, and saving time that would have been spent cleaning hard water stains on fixtures and dishes.

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