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Was That Spooky Noise a Ghost or Just a Water Heater That Needs Repairs?


Beware These Dreaded Sounds!

Old and new houses alike can be the source of some creepy noises. As the outdoor temperatures change and the house starts to settle, occupants of a home may hear spooky creaks and cracks. For the most part, sounds that a house makes are not anything that needs to be worried about. However, when the source of the sound is the plumbing inside the home, the noise can be an indicator that something is wrong.

Hot water heaters are often the source of some of the haunting noises people hear in their homes. For homeowners that are hearing these noises, it is important that they know the cause of the noise and the solution to the problem.

Luckily, there are professional plumbers in Marietta who offer water heater service, so that expensive repairs can be avoided down the road.

Popping and Rattling

Popping and rattling noises that are constant while the hot water heater is heating are an indicator of growing problems. As tanks age, it is common for unfiltered sediment and excess minerals to sink to the bottom of the tank and form a scale. As the heater tries to heat the water, the scale absorbs the heat and causes tiny bubbles of water to boil. When these bubbles pop, it causes the popping noise.

As a part of a routine water heater service, a plumber will drain a hot water tank. Yearly draining of the tank prevents the sediment at the bottom of the tank from building up. If this continues to be a problem, a plumber may recommend a whole-home filtration system or a water softener so that sediment and minerals don’t reach the tank.


Any screeching sounds that occur in plumbing are always the sign of unstable flow. As water flows through straight sections of pipe, it flows smoothly. When it hits a bend or an obstruction the flow becomes disordered and noisy.

If screeching sounds are coming from a hot water tank there are two potential causes. Either the pressure is too high going into the tank or there is an obstruction in flow. The obstruction can be caused by corrosion inside of a pipe or a build-up of scale. To determine and repair the source of spooky screeching noises, call a plumber for water heater service.


Crackling coming from a burner in a hot water heater is not the most common sound a homeowner might hear, but it’s one that demands immediate attention. The crackling sound is coming from drops of water that are falling on to the burner while it is lit. The water can come from leaks in the tank or condensation from the tank or the burner flue.

If the source of the water is a leak inside the tank then it will need to be repaired. A leaking tank is a hazard that can flood a home. Even worse, leaks on the burner can extinguish pilot lights, potentially setting the stage for a gas leak.

If the water that is falling on the burner is from condensation, call a plumber for water heater services. They will check the flue for obstructions and look for any other underlying problems.

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