Protect Your Pipes: 8 Things You Shouldn’t Flush or Dump Down Your Drain

Maintaining a functional plumbing system is crucial for the smooth operation of any household. Yet, many homeowners inadvertently contribute to clogged drains and sewer backups by disposing of inappropriate items down their sinks and toilets. From seemingly innocuous substances to common household products, certain materials can wreak havoc on your plumbing infrastructure over time. In […]

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

Maybe you’ve just moved into a new apartment or house and haven’t gotten all the proper plumbing equipment to have on hand. Perhaps you’re at a friend’s house, and they don’t have a plunger. Besides the obvious, many things can clog a toilet, and sometimes, we’re not prepared to handle minor plumbing problems. It happens […]

How to Fix a Leaky Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals do a lot of work for us, don’t they? As much as they get rid of unwanted scraps to keep your drain clear, we tend to overlook how useful they are. It’s usually not until they start to malfunction or leak that we notice them, right? If you notice leaks coming from your […]

How to Handle Frozen Pipes

The weather has turned chilly here in the Upstate lately, so let’s talk about frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare during the colder months. The danger of having frozen pipes goes beyond not preventing water flow — there’s a huge risk of bursting if you don’t handle them quickly. A burst […]

St. Patrick’s Day is a Perfect Time to Go Green With Eco-Friendly Plumbing Tips

3 Tips for Green Plumbing Habits  As everything’s coming up green for St. Patrick’s Day, this seems a great time to remind people that going green can actually save green. Ecologically friendly habits often end up saving money because they conserve precious resources. This article shares a few tips that can help homeowners save money […]

How Often Should I Flush My Water Heater?

Whether you’re a new homeowner and you’ve purchased your first home or you’ve been in your house for years, it never hurts to have a refresher in caring for your home. All homes, new or old, require maintenance to keep all the systems running smoothly, from your appliances to your water system. What is the […]

New Plumbing Fixtures for the New Year!

Ring in the New Year with Some Home Improvements Staring at the same plumbing fixtures day in and day out can get old. Plus, these fixtures can wear down over time, leading to less-than-ideal circumstances. This blog will share some ideas for simple plumbing upgrades that can improve the look and function of the home […]

Time to Call it Quits With That Old Water Heater

Signs Water Heater Repair or Replacement is Needed It was almost like love at first sight. A homeowner stepped in the shower for the first time. They were enamored by the hot water and how long it lasted. But now, things have cooled down. Once steamy showers have grown cold. It’s official. It’s time to […]

3 Reasons to Give Thanks to Local Plumbers This Thanksgiving

3 Essential Plumbing Services This Thanksgiving, homeowners should give thanks for the valuable services that local plumbing companies provide! Without the hard work of plumbers, modern homeowners would not be able to enjoy the comfort, convenience, and safety of a residential plumbing system. Plumbers undergo extensive training in the classroom and the field as an […]

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